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Types of Disc problem

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Back pain is one common pain in human body found mostly at the time of old ages.

Back pain is affecting mostly to your spinal cord, discs, ligaments, nerves, pelvic internal organs and lumber area.

These reasons can be leading to back paining –
Lifting weights wrongly can result to back pain, sitting in a wrong position is another reason for back pain and another reason can be sitting in a same place for many hours, sleeping in bed in a wrong position, accidents.

So, these are some of the main reasoning’s for cause of back pain issues.

For more to know consult one of Physiotherapist in Jaynagar.

There is several treatments available to avoid back pain such as allopathic, ayurvedic, homeopathy etc.

Every treatments has its own side-effects, In surgery most doctors trying to do operation on the spinal cord which is too risky as it may sometimes provide good result or may some make the patient in bed rest for ever.

Other way is providing steroid or painkiller to the patient; this will be giving him temporary relaxation from pain but the problem is that it is not permanent.

Using of steroids and painkillers is resulting in some other problems such as kidney failure.

Suggesting to do physiotherapy is what most of the doctors say after the operation is done.

Ayurvedic treatment helps in making you free from most of the side effects of Allopathic.

In ayurveda using pressure on your back pain which is very painful.

Resulting to not absolutely accurate to what you expect.

In physiotherapy such as electrical stimulation and ultrasound, can alleviate your pain and promote healing.

Sometimes your physiotherapy course can also have some side effects so it is better for you to consult your physician as necessary.

It is completely depended on the effective physiotherapy. We are one of the best Physiotherapist in JP Nagar.

Our specialist doctors are well known for their service with a high level of practise in their services.

“Practise makes person perfect” Our doctors one of the perfect Physiotherapist in JP Nagar.

The pain can result in you to rest without making you to work.

It is so painful that making you feels uncomfortable to sleep or rest.

Our doctors try to understand each of the patients their daily routine, their works and their habits.

Studying of nature of the patient can help us to know the reason and the physiotherapy required for the patient.

There are several exercises to straighten up your body’s core.

The body’s core is made up of abdominal muscles, hip, pelvic spine muscles.

This helps in supporting your spinal cord. Having a strong body core can eliminate your back pain.

There are several videos on online that can help you to build strong spinal cord but before you do this exercise try to make a consultation with a physiotherapist. For any queries on this contact one of the top Physiotherapist in JP Nagar.

Types of Disc Problem

Several disc problem which can be classified as – Bulging disc, Herniated disc, ruptured disc and degenerative disc problem.

Bulging disc is painful as the disc gets damaged and the outer wall get weaker thus disc put the pressure in the nerve which make so painful.

Herniated disc can be differentiated from bulging disc as; in Bulging disc the wall stays intact but in Herniated disc gets damaged. Thus, the fluid starts to leak out.

Herniated disc once it becomes much more complicated it becomes ruptured disc, Nucleus or fluid is going to push completely push out of disc this is termed as Ruptured disc.

Once the fluid get dehydrated, the disc is going get flattened. It also affects the nerve. It is applying pressure to nerve.

Stroke and Post Surgical Physiotherapist

Our Specialist in physiotherapy trying to find out in which stage of pain you are in.

We are providing latest technologies to scan and find out the affect spinal cord and thus recommending the correct physiotherapy to overcome the pain.

For better precaution of your body, try not to lift heavy objects alone, try not sit constantly at a place, you maybe even working in a office for hour in a single position try to walk at least for some moments to avoid the strain, If you feel pain in your spinal try to consult for a medical check with an physiotherapist. For Better result consult one of the best Physiotherapist in JP Nagar.

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